The Peace River Team

 Peace River has the best personnel in the industry
Peace River has a proud history and its team has a reputation in the industry of integrity beyond reproach. Peace River is blessed with a hard working and dedicated team. Through its profit sharing and benefits package, Peace River employees have a stake in the success at the company. These benefits have also helped attract and retain key employees, many of whom have over 20 years of service. That experience helps Peace River provide consistent, outstanding support to its customers.

About Peace River
Citrus Products

Peace River has a long history of successA history of success founded on experience and integrity

Citrus veteran Bill Becker founded Peace River in 1991 when he was inspired to take previous years of experience helping run his family citrus business and create a new citrus processing operation. Nearly 25 years later, Mr. Becker is still prominently involved with Peace River and key to its professional culture and focus on customer needs.


Mr. Becker and the team at Peace River are fully committed to the citrus industry, serving on related boards and providing expertise and guidance in the food safety and environmental sustainability arenas.


Peace River is Client-FocusedClient-Focused
Maintaining mutually beneficial long-term relationships with valued clients is paramount to Peace River. As a company focused only on citrus, Peace River has time to nurture business relationships. Its size also allows Peace River to enjoy flexibility that a large multinational does not have - creating an environment where making prompt, sound decisions seamlessly for clients is possible.


Focused on Growth within the citrus industryfocused on growth within the citrus industry
Peace River diligently focuses on forecasting and understanding market trends, customer needs and consumer preferences. Because of this, Peace River’s business has grown and thrived steadily over the past 30 years.

In 2002, the original plant in Arcadia, Florida was not sufficient enough for all of Peace River’s production needs so a second plant was added in Bartow, Florida for processing grapefruit and mandarin varieties. Combined, the total annual fruit processing capacity is 20 million boxes.

In 2003, Peace River, which had previously only purchased oranges for processing from other citrus growers, purchased through an affiliated entity its first orange grove in Basinger, Florida, and has since acquired two more groves in the Sunshine State located in Ona and Lake Livingston. Peace River is now developing a new 2,500 acre grove in Hardee County.

In 2009, the company expanded into packaging for frozen retail and food service customers, adding a new operation in LaBelle, Florida. A storage and distribution facility located in Frostproof Florida was acquired to provide additional frozen storage and distribution capability.

Peace River has further diversified its product mix by adding to its not from concentrate storage capabilities at both its Arcadia and Bartow facilities. Today Peace River has over 20 million gallons of not–from-concentrate juice storage to compliment its concentrate storage capacity of 21 million gallons.

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